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*Spoiler Alert*

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Jade is our main character and we see the story evolve through her eyes.  She experiences panic attacks and has learned to control her anxiety with medication and counselling.  Jade loves her little brother - who enjoys nothing more than reading his fantasy novels, but is forced into a multitude of sports by a demanding Father who insists that sports will make him a man.  Jade's mother is re-living high school (and drowning her depression of moving to the city and an unhappy marriage) by getting involved in every PTA function available - including going to Prom.

Jade loves the zoo which is a couple blocks from their house and watches the zoo-cam regularly, particularly the elephants.  She sees a boy with a baby on the webcam and he catches her eye because he is cute, but also her imagination with who he is and if the baby belongs to him.  Eventually Jade gets a part-time job at the elephant enclosure and learns a lot about the animals from their caretaker.  We meet Sebastian and baby Bo when they return to visit the elephants once more.

Jade and Sebastian get to know each other more, and there is a definite connection.  As we hear Sebastian's story of single fatherhood at such a young age, we discover he is hiding a big secret that could affect not only him, but his 18 month old baby boy, Bo.  Jade's parents eventually find out about Sebastian and his secret, which causes her mother to make a call to the authorities and puts Sebastian, his Aunt, and Bo on the run again.

Jade's parents go through their own evolution, as her mother's indiscretion with the HS Librarian is discovered by other students and brought to Jade's attention. Her Father moves out and starts to do things he enjoys again, and Jade's little brother is relieved to be rid of endless sporting commitments.

Sebastian and Bo are still in touch, and moving to New Mexico.  Jade decides she knows what she wants and who she wants to be with.  She transfers from her 'safe' university near home to start living free from her fears, at a school in Santa Fe.

This story is about finding yourself in the chaos of your world.  It is about discovering what we as people are willing to do for family and for love. 

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