Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rush Crush

Never Too Far (Too Far, #2)Never Too Far by Abbi Glines
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me be totally honest...I HAVE A SERIOUS CASE OF RUSH CRUSH.

Never Too Far starts off where Fallen Too Far ends, and brings you right back into the heartache and sorrow Blaire is experiencing at the end of the first book.  I was completely pulled back in from page one.  As much as I was anticipating Never Too Far (and seriously, who wouldn't be after the ending of the first book!), I was nervous that I would not like the characters as much this time around...that the story wouldn't hold up to my hopes or expectations.
I was wrong...I fell in love with Rush all over again (though there were moments where I wanted to freaking slap him silly - a week Rush, really?!? *slap*) and Blaire was as independent (read:stubborn) and lovable as ever (though there were times I just wanted her to go off on Rush, like she did Cain...because, honestly - he deserved it.  She seemed to lose her confidence and second guessed herself on every little thing...damned hormones).  The romance between Rush and Blaire was sweet and the sex was HOT! Melt your panties hot. Yum!
I absolutely LOVED Woods and Bethy...hell, even this book. They were all fabulous and I for one cannot wait to learn more about Woods and hear his story - he was seriously sweet in this book.

*Spoiler Alert*
The one thing about this book that I didn't like as much was that it seemed rushed along -especially at the end.  It really felt like there should have been another chapter or epilogue because the ending was rather abrupt.  It was a happy moment, and I was thrilled for Blaire and Rush...but I just wanted more.  More closure. I wanted the birth story, or at least a glimpse at Blaire and Rush as parents.  Oh, read from Rush's point of view the birth of his baby would be amazing. I would like to know what happens between Blaire and her father...have they come to some sort of understanding...has he decided to be present in her life?  What is the relationship between Rush's family now that the truth has come out?  What is up with Grant's behavior toward Nan (please please do not let him have been the one in Nan's room *shudder*). What happens with Jace and Bethy?

Well, thank goodness Abbi Glines has decided to write a 3rd book (way to go fans who pushed this to #1 !!) and we can hopefully get answers and resolution...and a happily ever after for these characters whom I love so much!

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