Thursday, January 10, 2013

Too many choices!  My issue right now is that I have a TON of books yet to be read, and I cannot decide which to start first.   This usually means I end up reading 2 at once.  Plus, I have a few reviews that I have not posted yet ( Slammed as well as Hopeless - both by Colleen Hoover, Opal by Jennifer Armentrout, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen and The Selection by Kiera Cass).  #procrastination  

So, should I continue in Addison Moore's Celestra series (I am now due to read #5 Vex).  Or, do I start James Dashner's  The Maze Runner, or finish up the Shelly Crane's Significance series with Independence, or start Through The Ever Night by Veronica Rossi, I am still due to read the Premonition series by Amy Bartol and I have yet to begin Victoria Smith's  The Crimson Hunt and E.M Tippets  Someone Else's Fairytale AND Noboby's you see my dilemma??   Sigh.  My day job is seriously interfering with my reading.  

Oh!  Great news - run over to B&N or Amazon to pick up Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines for $0.99!!
Its a celebration, as over 100k copies have been sold!  Don't miss out...

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  1. UPDATE - So, I went with Inescapable by Amy Bartol (review to follow soon). But today, its all about Vex.