Wednesday, March 12, 2014


*I received a free copy of this book for review*

I fight because I have no other choice. I fight because it’s in my blood.

Given Name: Kelly James Black
Nickname: “The Dude”
Born: Madison, Wisconsin
Age: 24
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 205 lbs
Weight Class: Light Heavyweight
Record: 12-0-0
Relationship Status: Train wreck

Meet MMA fighter and Piper Sullivan's roommate extraordinaire, Kelly Black, in this South Boys Novella. This story takes you on Kelly's Black journey to love and overcoming a broken past. Approximately 24,000 words, it can be read as a standalone or for more enjoyment, can be read along with Southbound Surrender

This is the story of Kelly Black: a research scientist by day and part time underground fighter by night.  As we first meet Kelly, he is a serial man-whore / commitment-phobe with narcissistic tendencies.  His roommate/fight-ring assistant is Piper Sullivan, a girl with a broken heart, intent on "fixing" Kelly.  After a chance meeting with a girl named Olivia - that Kelly cannot get out of his mind, Piper hatches a plan to get them together.

What I liked: 
*The characters were easy to like and I wanted to get to know them better.
*The back story for Kelly, Piper and Olivia all seemed interesting - though we did not get anything much in depth (due to this being a novella).
*The writing style was easy to read and kept me turning the pages.
*There are a ton of MMA/Underground fight books out there - and this one was just a little different from others I have read. This made it interesting.

What I wished was different:
*Honestly, I wish this had been a full novel.  I liked the characters, but I wanted them to be a little more developed.  Everything happened so fast, and it was almost *too fast*.  There would be plenty of material to make this into a full length story, especially if you factor in more of the back stories of the main characters.  I wanted there to be more build up in the relationship between Kelly and Olivia.

Overall - a nice, short read that I just wish were a little more than it already is.

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