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Apollyon (Covenant, #4)Apollyon by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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I have been holding off on this review to give the book time to stew in my brain...really because it was hard to form a coherent thought once I finished.
When I tried, it sounded something like:  "wait, what?!" and then "no way" and moved on to "holy crazy powers, apollyon" with lots of swoon, cursing at random Greek gods and then tears and then it was pure gibberish. No good.

So...after meditation, relaxation classes and a few xanax, lets try again.

Oh. My. Freaking. God.  This book is epic!
I absolutely adore Jennifer Armentrout's brain and thank her immensely for putting her thoughts on paper (or e-book) for my fan-girly, obsessive, stalkerish enjoyment.

This is no filler book to reach the big ending.  This book is full of action, but more importantly it is full of answers to a lot of questions and does help set up Sentinel quite nicely.

Alex is now an Apollyon and we see the evolution of her growing and coming into her own.  She matures and is able to see the larger picture, even when she doesn't like it.  Thankfully, she keeps her snark intact.  Love her.  The full implication of her future weighs heavily on Alex and we see her accepting her new responsibilities.

A lot of this book is about the emotional and mental struggles that Alex goes through on her journey.  Is she strong enough to maintain her independence from the connection? Does she forgive and try to help Seth? Can she forgive herself for what was said and done in her awakening?  Can she forgive Aiden for the Elixer? What is right and what is wrong and where does she go from here?

Aiden lets himself loosen up - not just in front of Alex, but the others in their group as well.  He is able to express his feelings for Alex and things progress in their relationship despite what anyone else may think (this is where things got so swoony in my pre-xanax and meditation moments).  I love this guy. He is I seriously turned to a puddle of gooey mush reading about his smiles, laughter and openly discussing his feelings for Alex. And he is still smoking hot in his Sentinel uniform. Is it getting hot in here?!?

Seth is still connected to Alex and angry that she seems to be able to function without him.  I vacillated between really not liking him and feeling sorry for him (in his akasha addicted state).  Sometimes he seemed like a little boy looking for love...and other times he was a real @%$%!  I think he believes he is doing the right thing, and really does care for Alex.  In the end though, I thought he seemed weak...and I pitied him.  For all his power, he isn't strong enough to get past his childhood insecurities to see the possibility of him being used and lied to for other's personal gain. I don't know, maybe there is hope for him yet.

My favorite god Apollo is back, another trip to the Underworld where we get to see Caleb, the (remaining) Furies and other visitors from Olympus make appearances, even Alex's Mom is once more present ...Apollyon really is full of action, adventure, love and heartbreak.

Jennifer Armentrout's writing is stellar, and this book will not disappoint. The entire Covenant series is *amazing*, and this is the best yet.  I am absolutely unrepentant in my concupiscence for Sentinel!  In other words...I can't flipping wait!!

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